The Tim McGraw Song You Waited 2 Years To Hear Was Simply Launched

and his group to share exclusive content with his most significant fans. He discussed the whole system in a short video.It was clear that McGraw was amping up for something to come, but he stayed tight-lipped on what it was.Text 615-205-5687 to sign up with McGrawONE and get special content and get whatever first!!.?.!— Tim McGraw(@TheTimMcGraw ) October 2, 2018 On October 2, McGraw revealed what all of the buildup had actually been about. He was gearing up

to release a new song, titled”Neon Church.”Prior to the big debut, McGraw shared pieces of the song with fans, beginning with just the name, then the cover art, and lastly, a little critical section from the track.The debut of “Neon Church”is a big deal for fans of McGraw. While he definitely hasn’t been absent

from the spotlight, he hasn’t launched any new solo music in 2 years. The last solo single he launched was the Top 10 hit” How I’ll Always Be,”which debuted in July 2016.

Ever since, McGraw has kept hectic on trip with spouse and fellow country superstar Faith Hill. The 2 released their first-ever duets album in 2017, which consisted of two singles,”Talk to a Girl “and” The Rest of Our Life.

“2 years removed from his last solo release, McGraw is taking things in a brand-new instructions with”Neon Church.”This is something that he referenced himself in a tweet he composed after the tune’s debut.The track features a more special mix of styles than McGraw has ever packed into one tune before. There’s more suppressed, tender parts with organ playing in the background, taking on a gospel-like feeling. There’s a fair share of more extreme parts, with rockin

‘electric guitar and strong vocals from McGraw.As if the release of one new song from McGraw wasn’t exciting enough, there

‘s even more!While “Neon Church”is his newest single and the song he’s putting the biggest push behind, McGraw wanted to share one more new track with his fans. The song, entitled “Thought About You” is similar in design

to “Neon Church”in the reality that it mixes softer minutes with more powerful ones.Go ahead and examine out” Thought About You “in the clip below. Y’ all have waited a very long time to hear these tunes from McGraw, so we want to understand what you believe of them when you’re ended up!




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