Remember When Luke Bryan Took United States Backstage at Farm Tour? Sounds Like Nashville CA

It’s that time of year once again!

Luke Bryan officially starts his annual Farm Trip on Thursday (Sept. 28). As the trip gears up for it’s ninth annual year, Seems like Nashville is taking you back in time to Farm Trip 2016, when Bryan gave us an unique backstage trip.

The setting: October 7 in Greenback, TN at Maple Lane Farms. On a hot day simply hours prior to breaking his clavicle throughout a freak cycling accident, the Georgia native played host to SLN‘s camera team to provide fans an inside look at the production that goes on for a Farm Trip show.

“It’s a little dirty today … we are ‘kicking up the dust,'” Bryan joked as our behind-the-scenes trip started.

As he strolled, Bryan pointed out the numerous team members and musicians hustling around backstage, and even provided a short glimpse at his hearty exercise … all of one pull-up.

A lot of work enters into making the annual expedition a success, but one of the key components is making sure trainees from the farming communities in which they play can attend college. Because its creation in 2009, Bryan has actually provided more than 50 scholarships to students enabling them to get a greater education, in hopes that they’ll take what they’ve found out and assist their farms flourish.

“Anytime we can take an action to help assist in dreams and farming and be smarter in how the food’s being made and being safer and things like that, the awareness of that can never be weakened … If I can educate some people on it and that can be my platform, I think I’ll always, the farmers out there and individuals in that world will appreciate and they’ll understand I have actually kinda remained real to my roots,” stated Bryan just recently.

Farm Tour 2017 begins Sept. 28 in Lincoln, NE. Joining Bryan for the journey this year will be Jon Pardi, Adam Craig, the Peach Pickers( Rhett Akins, Dallas Davidson and Ben Hayslip), Jon Langston and DJ Rock. Bayer Presents Luke Bryan Farm Trip 2017 September 28 Lincoln, NE– Benes Farm September 29 Baldwin City, KS– Don-Ale Farms September 30 Boone, IA– Ziel Farm
October 5 Fort Wayne, IN– Spangler Farms West October 6 Edinburg, IL– Ayers Family Farm October 7 Centralia, MO– Stowers Farm



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