Randy Rogers: “There Shouldn’t Be Rap in Nation Music.”

This has actually never ever been about hating other genres. It’s about respecting all categories. You believe true nation fans feel ashamed when they see Florida Georgia Line out there making fools of themselves by attempting to rap verses and battle the air with hip-hop hand gesticulations? Then what do you think hip-hop fans think when they see a couple of well-heeled white men from the upscale suburbs taking their art form and affects?

That does not imply all hip-hop is bad. Just like country, the majority of the great things gets relegated to the underground, or is “critically-acclaimed” like Kendrick Lamar. Imagine if you evaluated the totality of country music on exactly what they played on Leading 40?

There’s nothing incorrect with any genre of music, pop included. It’s just not nation. And unlike other genres, nation music from the very start was not about preserving a modern noise, it was about protecting the musical customs of the past. That is why nation music ends up being such a battleground when companies attempt to stretch the borders of the genre till all of the roots of the music are lost.

The Randy Rogers Band out of Texas will be releasing a brand-new highly-anticipated Dave Cobb-produced record in 2018, and Randy Rogers wishes to let you know that it will be country– genuine country. Sometimes The Randy Rogers Band is mentioned as one of the examples of the pop design of nation in the Texas market, however exactly what those criticisms rarely consider is that for four records throughout the heart of their career, The Randy Rogers Band wasn’t recording records for the Texas market, they were signed to Nashville significant labels. All you need to do is listen to Randy’s side project with Wade Bowen Hold My Beer to hear the real country foundations are still there.

Presently exploring on the West Coast, Randy Rogers was spoken with by the Spokesman-Review in Spokane, and helped take into context the hatred of rap in country that numerous feel.

“People can discriminate in between (B.S.) and not (B.S.). I’ll second the movement to state there should not be rap in nation music,” Randy Rogers states. “However I will go on the record stating I like Kendrick Lamar. I like my rap. When I believe of country music, I believe of Merle Haggard.”

Frequently more recent “country” artists will state how they grew up paying attention to rap and country side by side, which’s the factor their music consists of both influences. Just due to the fact that you enjoy rap, like Randy Rogers does, that doesn’t mean it has a place in country.

“We grew up on fiddle and steel in Texas. We learnt how to play guitar from Willie Nelson records. It becomes part of the material of who we were,” states Randy Rogers. “You can’t take that out … That’s been the music from day one with this band.”

When it comes to exactly what fans can anticipate from the new record? “We’ve made records prior to where there were country songs on the record, but this one, the tunes are as country as anything we have actually made,” Rogers stated. “They’re ‘Strait’ nation. I state that with respect. George Strait is my greatest hero.”



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