Keith Urban Says It Was Misery to See Nicole Kidman Abused On-Screen

It was beyond disturbing for fans to enjoy Nicole Kidman be abused on the hit show Huge Little Lies, however it was about a million times even worse for her partner Keith Urban!.?.!! In a brand-new interview, the country crooner stated he remained in agony seeing Nicole maltreated by her on-screen spouse Alexander Skarsgard.

“It’s hard, since she truly informs her story,” Keith admitted to The London Night Requirement. “I enjoy how dedicated she is, though, in informing her stories. She had the contusions to prove it.” Still, he’s really helpful of her craft, and even develops his schedule around setting up house base anywhere she’s shooting. “We have a tutor that takes a trip with us, so if Nic’s shooting a movie for any extended period of time, even if I’m exploring, we can usually relocate to anywhere she is. And I’ll go to and from there. We simply make the rhythm work so we can be together.”

Getty Images The scene absolutely wasn’t easy for Nicole to movie, either. “I remember resting on the flooring in the last episode, being in my underwear and having actually just been actually tossed around,” Nicole informed the Hollywood Reporter in June 2017. “I just lay on the flooring. I couldn’t get up. I didn’t want to get up.” While Nicole chose not to use a stunt double for the abuse scenes, it was still extremely difficult for her. “I just felt entirely embarrassed and ravaged. And upset within.” After one extremely tough day, Nicole in fact “went home and threw a rock through a glass door” when she couldn’t enter her hotel room.Still, it seems all of the suffering was worth it. In 2017, she actually won the Primetime Emmy Award for Impressive Lead Starlet in a Limited Series or a Motion picture for the performance. And when her name was called, she provided Alexander a tender hug and kiss, proving that the wild experience only made them more detailed. It’s easy to comprehend why: a scene that vulnerable and violent would take a dreadful lot of trust to movie. Hopefully, she won’t need to do anything that horrifying again on set!




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