Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Take the Show at 2018 ARIA Awards

If Nicole Kidman was wishing for a subtle evening on the sidelines as her other half, nation super star Keith Urban, hosted the 2018 ARIA Awards, she was in for a cringe-worthy– but charming– surprise throughout the ceremony, which happened on Wednesday evening (Nov. 28) in Sydney, Australia.To kick off the

night, the superstar couple presented for photos on the red carpet. In some of the pictures, Kidman and Urban were signed up with by Kidman’s niece, Lucia Hawley, who likewise attended the ceremony. In an Instagram post prior to the ceremony, Kidman discussed that she couldn’t wait to attend the event with Hawley and watch Urban take the stage for his hosting responsibilities. See below for images of all three hanging out during the festivities!However, during his opening monologue, Urban– a five-time ARIA winner himself– could not assist but bring his other half into the spotlight.” Hey infant! She’s ideal in the front row,”the country super star said after taking the phase, mentioning a laughing and blushing Kidman to the audience.During the rest of his monologue, Urban went over the development and

occurrence of Australian music and art, beginning the evening with a tip of the value of respecting the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals” as the conventional custodians of this land. “He went on to elaborate on how all kinds of music– even”thrash polka “– motivates him as long as it prizes sincerity, and ended with a word of warning to the evening’s winners. “First of all, the trophies are really sharp. Really, really, really sharp,”Urban deadpanned.”Now, I’m not necessarily saying they’re the most significant pricks in the space, but they’re damn close.”Likewise, attempt and keep your speeches short! All the best on that,”he continued.

“The manufacturers do have music, and they will definitely play your a– off if you prattle on and on and on.” Keith Urban’s Best Live Shots




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