Jason Aldean Rocks Pandora’s Backroads Show in Nashville

Fans who went to the Pandora Provides: Backroads reveal on Tuesday night (Nov. 27) experienced a rare reward: seeing

Jason Aldean in an intimate setting.Aldean is the most-streamed country artist in Pandora history, and to commemorate and state thanks to fans who helped him cross the threshold, Aldean delivered an arena-level performance for a relatively small crowd at Nashville’s Marathon Music Functions (capability just over 1K).

It’s rarely fans get to see an artist of Aldean’s caliber perform in such an close-knit setting, however the program enabled them the special opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with a super star who’s accustomed to headlining sold-out arenas. The special performance was a step back in time for Aldean, who sharpened his live skills throughout the early days of his career performing in bars, starting at the young age of 14.

“I feel like I’m at a bar once again. This feels like house right now,” he informed an appreciative crowd.See Jason Aldean’s Best Live Images: The reigning ACM Performer of the Year relied mainly on the unfaltering hits that changed him into a c and w superstar, offering a solidhour-and-a-half set that had all of the high energy of a rock show. He satiated fans’musical cravings with favorites like”Any Ol’ Barstool,” sobering”The Reality”and career-defining staple,”Amarillo Sky. “He took all of us to” Fly Over States” and the rollicking “Hicktown,” the latter of which received among the greatest reactions of the night, along with equally precious” Big Green Tractor.”He kicked the energy up a notch with “Tattoos on This Town” and “Night Train,”and the crowd could not resist dancing along to” When She Says Baby.” After proclaiming that he likes to” get the sluggish sh– out of the way”

as an approach of ending the program on an energetic note, Aldean remained real to his word by providing one power-packed track after another to round out the evening. The crowd had no reservation taking over lead vocals on the vibrant”Lights Come On,”and the vocalist kept them fired up with”My Kinda Celebration” and” Dirt Roadway Anthem. “He leveled out the positive numbers with the soulful” You Make it Easy” and smooth” Burnin’ it Down “before admitting that hemight need a shot after performing his hip-hop leaning new single “Woman Like You”– among only a handful of times he’s performed the steamy track live. Fans approved.Unabashedly sharing his disapproval of encores, Aldean skipped over the basic concert custom and went right into a set that ended with the intense”Crazy Town,” a proper way to close out a night committed to an artist who did certainly make it in a town loaded with dreamers while honoring the fans that assisted him get there.Country Music’s Highest-Paid Artists of 2018:





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