5 Biggest Moments From ‘Garth Brooks: Live at Notre Dame!’

Garth Brooks 80,000 fans at Notre Dame University’s football arena hoarse and smiling after he played 25 hits for a CBS tv special. The country superstar unofficially kicked off his stadium trip on this night, although fans in participation didn’t know it.The three-hour concert will be trimmed for the Dec. 2 CBS unique, but the highlights remain. There were lots of Brooks’ own chart-topping singalongs to lean on as he presented mostly popular cover songs by the Beatles, Bob Seger, Don McClean and nation newbie Ashley McBryde. Our No. 5 moment from his Notre Dame program was the very first tune he played. “ All Day”opened the show, and fans released their stress on him with furious applause after a long day spent in snow and rain (and a brief weather delay).

The last song Brooks played was “American Pie,” which checks in at No. 4 on our 5 Greatest Moments From Garth Brooks: Live at Notre Dame! list. From there it’s 3 massive complete crowd involvement jams. Watch the video above to see clips of fans singing “Night Moves,” “Friends in Low Places” and a Beatles song as unforgettable as it was unanticipated. We won’t ruin No. 1, as it’s likely you’ll have your own after viewing the Sunday night special.The Notre Dame reveal introduced a brand-new age for Brooks. Throughout the show he shared plans for a stadium trip that will wrap at the very same arena at some point. In the time because the Oct. 20 performance and the Dec. 2 airing, he’s revealed numerous new stadium dates for 2019, with all indications pointing toward a mix of college and expert football places to come in the near future.Check out the full setlist and a few pictures

from the program below. Garth Brooks: Live at Notre Dame! begins at 8PM ET on Sunday.Garth Brooks’ Notre Dame Show Set List:” All Day””That

Summertime “”2 of a Kind Workin ‘on a Capacity””The River”

“Papa Liked Mom””2 Pina Coladas””Unanswered Prayers”

(Cover)Bob Seger,”Night

“Standing Outside the Fire””Rodeo”(Cover) Gabe Dixon,”Live Again”(Cover) The Beatles,”

Let It Be”( Cover)The Beatles,”

Hey Jude

“”Ain’t Goin Down Til the Sun Comes Up””The Thunder Rolls”

“Callin ‘Baton Rouge “”

Friends in Low Places “”

The Dance”

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