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10 QQQ/ Artist Interviews/ CMTT Exclusives/ Delta Rae 10 Quick Quirky Halloween Questions with Delta Rae’s Brittany Holljes Published by Jessica on October 30, 2018 at 11:30 am< img src=https://countrymusictattletale.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Delta-Rae-500x497.jpg alt width=500 height=497 > Image Courtesy of Delta Rae Delta Rae raises their voices with an empowering brand-new anthem that requires relentless resisters to get their ” Hands Dirty”and elect equality. Released October 19 on The Valory Music Co., the unflinching lyrics were a conclusion of gender biases and resurfaced wounds in the #MeToo movement era. Opening about her own personal experience lead vocalist Brittany Holljes wrote the tune together with her sibling and bandmate Ian. She spoke to The Washington Post about being a lady in C and w and how the market has actually responded. In print now, check out the complete article HERE. Each Wednesday night through December 19, Delta Rae performs activism-invoking tunes like”Hands Dirty”and more from their hearty catalogue during

their residency at The Basement in Nashville. Their immersive musical experience is aptly titled The Delta Rae Revival and functions fresh openers plus special visitors in addition to their 90-minute heading set. Tickets are still readily available for the intimate shows and can be acquired at.10 Quick Eccentric Halloween Questions with Delta Rae’s Brittany Holljes Favorite Halloween Costume? Liz and I were Anna and Elsa from Frozen the year it came out. We made our outfits from stuff

we got at goodwill, really low tech. All the children were likewise impersonated Elsa and Anna, however they thoughtwe were the genuine ones, so we got to pretend to be. Disney princess dreams come true!Haunted Houses or Hay Rides? Tough one. Haunted House for everyone else in the band. Hayride is scary enough for me.Favorite Halloween Sweet? Reese’s Least Favorite Halloween Sweet? Tootsie Rolls How old is too old to go trick-or-treating? After 16 you much better be a chaperone!Favorite Frightening Motion picture? The Ring.Chocolate orHard Sweet? Chocolate What is the most scary or troubling song you have ever heard? We all like the mystery behind Bobbie Gentry’s Ode to

  • Billie Joe. It doesn’t ever say what occurred, but we
  • always translate it in the darkest method possible.Do you believe in ghosts? Yes.
  • A few people even deal with them, however they get along ghosts, so we’re cool.Have you Ever Played Bloody Mary or
  • Light as a Plume Stiff as a Board? Did it Work? Don’t mess around in those dark arts, simple to open the portal, not so easy to close it back up!Tags:,,,,, Author:< a href =https://countrymusictattletale.com/author/jessica/ title=" Posts by Jessica"rel=author >
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